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Person meditating surrounded by Crystals

Why Meditating With Crystal Nets Can Change Your Life

This article was first posted in July 2021.

First and foremost you are meditating and this comes with scientifically proven benefits.

Meditating –

  • Reduces stress
  • Controls anxiety
  • And promotes emotional health

The above is just a small list amongst many other advantages.

Meditating with Crystals

  • Introduces a specific purpose
  • Directs the Meditation towards a desired goal
  • Strengthens the positive effects your Meditation will have

When you add Crystals, and in particular Crystal Nets to your Meditation, you are giving that quiet space of contemplation a specific purpose.

You are pre-setting the theme of your Meditation so that it will direct your mood towards a desired goal.

For example, if you would like to feel more loving towards yourself and others you might choose to pick up a Rose Quartz Crystal.

Rose Quartz symbolises and reflects Unconditional Love. By holding, wearing or surrounding yourself with it you are sending yourself the signal of Unconditional Love. If you regularly subject yourself to this signal your energy field, mind & emotions start to become entrained with that reflection (pendulum clock synchronisation).

This will then have an impact on how you reflect upon yourself and others, meaning you are becoming more unconditionally loving towards yourself and the world around you provided you are not resisting the process.

Meditating with Crystal Nets

  • Streamlines your Meditation practice
  • Can bring faster results
  • Opens your perception to a higher purpose
  • Unlocks the pathway to real transformation

Using Crystal Nets – these are Crystal layouts that have been deliberately designed for a specific purpose – adds yet another facet to your Meditation practise.

Crystal Nets often incorporate Sacred Geometry into the layout. Our whole world (reality) is based on the principles of Sacred Geometry (see Fibbonachi sequence / Golden Ratio).

This Sacred Geometry has been used since ancient times in the planning and building of significant structures such as temples and churches.

Our human bodies are also based on these principles and for that reason BIG changes can occur when we use the combination of Crystals and Sacred Geometry.

Meditating with Crystal Nets is not only more transformative than merely meditating or holding a Crystal, it also offers a way to really pin-point the vibration you would like to achieve.

So going back to the example of using Rose Quartz above, you may choose to use 6 Crystals evenly spaced around your body.

The number 6 is a symbol of balance. Therefore using 6 Crystals of the same kind will create a space of balance and harmony. It greatly increases how receptive you are towards your desired goal, in this case becoming more loving towards yourself and others.

Give it a go and see if it works for you.

Wishing you all a fantastic July filled with Unconditional Love.

​Image Credit: Activida on Pixabay with much Gratitude!