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Ascension Guidance Audiobook 1 & 2

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A Guide for our Ascension Journeys and the opportunities for us to be able to take in during these days of EnLigtenment.

Advice to Assist and guide you to be ready for the Golden Age that is upon us now.

This Ascension Guidance Audio Book consists of

Ascension Guidance Part 1: "The Book of Five Things"

  1. Ascension
  2. Clearing Your Path
  3. Being in Your Best Place
  4. Understanding Divine Timing
  5. Men Ah Paws

Intermission: "This is Now, Time to Breathe" Meditation

Ascension Guidance Part 2: "Onwards and Upwards"

  1. The Grail
  2. The Great Awakening
  3. Resonance What Is It?
  4. ReBirth by letting go of Dross
  5. Being in Your Flow

Epilogue: "BE in Your Flow" Meditation

Note: This Audiobook contains Meditations so please don't listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

You will get a MP3 (169MB) file

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