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About Us

The Bain Clan Centre of Light (BCCL) is a collective of like-minded individuals spreading the Light.

We believe that a world where everyone can feel loved, safe, happy and have everything they need to live a fulfilled and joyful life is possible. This is achieved by taking positive action to bring this into existence.

Our Team

Marcus Bain

Marcus has been walking the spiritual path for over 50 years. He is a Tai Chi and Chi Kung instructor whose main focus is now in Ascension Guidance and Healing.

Karin Bain

Karin - aka Lyra Bain - has a strong connection to Star Beings and Crystals. She is a transmitter of ‘Light Source Information’. Karin oversees all aspects of the Bain Clan Centre of Light and its Community.

Wendy Daubney from The Bain Clan Profile

Wendy Daubney

Wendy met Marcus and Karin in 2012 and has been studying Crystals with Karin ever since. Her organisational skills and her grounded nature is invaluable to the team.

Jo Warren from The Bain Clan Profile

Jo Warren

Jo joined our groups in 2015 and has been deepening her connection to the Crystal Kingdom ever since. Her positivity and gentle nature as well as her professional, grounded approach are a great asset to the team.

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