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Why Energy Healing Is The Secret Ingredient To Happiness

This article was first posted in July 2021.

Life can be filled with many challenges. Your daily life is busy, fast moving and seems to constantly bombard you with new impressions, things to do and jobs to complete.

Here are some reasons why energy healing can help you redress the balance between you and what life demands of you, reconnecting you with your true, happy self.


Making space for you and your need to relax, let go & connect in a meaningful way

You could go to a yoga class, for a walk in the woods or talk to a good friend. These are all good choices for relaxation but may not offer you a path to re-connection with your true, happy self.

If you are looking for happiness, an experienced Energy Healer can help you replenish your energy field, re-balance your whole Being and give you guidance on how to steer your life in the direction of joy in a relevant way.

In addition it is a confidential service that ensures that what is being shared during the session remains private, offering you the opportunity to offload your worries to a deep level.

When you attend an Energy Healing session you are taking time out for you and your need to lighten the load of whatever it is that has prompted you to seek assistance from a Healer who is sympathetic to your situation and needs.


Energy Healing harmonises you with your surroundings

During a healing session the person transmitting the healing becomes a conduit for the Universal energy that will help to re-instate your natural balance of body, mind, emotions & spirit. Everyone has access to this Universal energy, but when life gets busy we sometimes forget how to connect with it and use it to replenish ourselves.

This is when the Energy Healer steps in to help replenish and guide you to re-connect you to your natural happy state.

The healing reduces the friction and contradictions that you feel within your own Being, thus bringing ease and happiness back into your existence.

Life today reflects many different facets of what could be true. Pretty much for every statement that is being made and proven you will be able to find one that – equally proven – contradicts that statement.

If you continue to follow life as it is presented to you via your outside world it is likely that you will enter a state of dis-harmony.

One way to leave confusion behind and to enter a state of harmony is to get in touch with your own Inner Truth.

Seeking an experienced Energy Healer to help you replenish your own energies and then guide you to re-connect you with your own inner Truth can significantly speed up this process.

This is the Truth that bubbles up from within. Sometimes this Truth is still distorted due to false beliefs you formed when you were young or when you were in an unbalanced state and thus more susceptible to internalising false beliefs.

An experienced Energy Healer can help you to let go of these distorted viewpoints at a profound and deep level. Once this is done you can re-connect to your true happy self and create beliefs based on Love, Light, Peace, Truth and Freedom.


Healing connects you with what feels meaningful and joyful to you

Rather than connecting with your True Being that knows only Love and unlimited Freedom you may live your life according to beliefs and rules that you have allowed to be placed upon yourself.

You may have forgotten what is truly important to you.

Through guidance and advice an experienced Energy Healer can help you to re-establish your connection to yourself and the things that you find truly important quickly.

A Healing session can bring you closer to the True You through the warmth, acceptance, unconditional love and guidance that is offered during that meeting.

Through experience of life, seeing many clients and at being connected the Healer is able to guide you and put you in touch with that which is truly meaningful to you.

When we live our lives with purpose and a strong sense of what is significant to us we unlock the door to true happiness.

Image Credit: Edgar Castrejon – Unsplash, much Gratitude!

Author: Karin Bain –