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A broken Crystal with the words my crystal broke is this a bad omen

My Crystal Broke Is This A Bad Omen?

If this has happened to you, you know how devastating this can be. Your favourite Crystal fell out of your pocket or hand and crack…

Personally I thoroughly dislike it when this happens. However it’s good to keep things positive so here are some explanations of why this may have happened:

  • Your Crystal has had enough. Over-use and a lack of cleansing means it is (literally) ready for a break.
  • The Crystal had a weak point to start with. Some Crystals reach you when they are of falling apart and would have done so whether they were in your care or not.
  • A Crystal that is split into two parts can be useful for certain types of Crystal work, such as sending energy through a body part for healing or uniting people over a distance.

Feel into the situation of how, where and why your Crystal broke and decide on what feels good and comforting for you.

Personally I would avoid the ‘OMG that’s such bad luck!’ thought and choose to tune my thoughts towards something more cheerful.

What to do with a broken Crystal

Sit down with the broken Crystal and meditate to see if something in particular comes to mind.

Things that I have done in the past with broken Crystals:

  • Using them for specialised healings which require two halves to either side of a body part.
  • Re-polishing it if only a small piece broke off.
  • Gluing it back together (sometimes this is possible)
  • Placing them in plant pots or in the garden (especially broken wands – they look really funky sticking out of the compost)
  • Returning them to nature


In the end it is up to you whether you wish to see this as a bad omen or an event that needed to happen in order for you to make positive changes. Personally I use the event of a Crystal breaking as an opportunity for me to stop and listen to what changes I need to make in order to conduct my life and actions in a more deliberate and peaceful way.