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Clear water

Clear & Connect Your Energy

This article was originally posted in March 2021.

To your own inner Self. It is vital that at this point you stay focused on your goals of who you want to be and the world you would like to see.

Not the world you are seeing! Firmly ignore that one! Keep your vision on the beautiful emerging one - remember, the one filled with Love & Light etc.

One of the best Crystal exercises (in my opinion) for this is to use 6 x Clear Quartz Crystals and lay them evenly around your body.

If you feel you are being 'invaded' or 'polluted' by outside energies you can be more specific with this exercise by using Clear Quartz Points and face the points away from the body. This will help to draw off anything that does not belong.

Clear Quartz symbolises:

  • Clarity
  • Structure
  • The Ideal

The number six is the symbol of balance and will support your whole Being in a harmonious way, enhancing your ability to connect to the higher energies.


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