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Arcturian Message - Why Is This Such A Difficult Time For Us?

This article was first posted in July 2021.

Q- Why is this such a difficult time for us?

A- You need to face up to your worst fears, so that you can once and for all let go of these old Wounds that Bind You. As well as Heavy things, stopping you lifting up it is also Bindings. Take an Air Balloon when you let go of theirs, then you can fly up to these new Realms you have not been to in a 3D body before.

To be able to go to these places whilst in a 3D body is a totally new experience for all but a few. We know you have ventured this way before Marcus and many others. However only for brief glimpses never for the rest of your 3D lives.

No one else can let go of these Bindings for you, only you yourself can enable it. It no longer matters what the original lesson was that caused these events in your past lives, but that is irrelevant now anyway. Only letting it go is important. Remember to say Thanks though as this lesson as all others has put you where you are now, Glory, Glory, Glory

The above message was received by Marcus Bain and first shared with our Friday Night Light group on 19th July 2021.

Much Gratitude to the Arcturians for sharing their wisdom with us and to Marcus for relaying the message.

Image credit: Pete Linforth - much gratitude!