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Bain Clan Community

Join a space that supports, nurtures and inspires you on your life's journey.

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Rose Quartz Tier - Love Yourself & Uplift

  • Self-Love meditations, exercises & upliftment
  • Exclusive & uplifting messages related to our Ascension process
  • Crystal Nets/Grids/Layouts/Meditations to help raise your vibration
  • £4.50/month ($4.44)

Lapis Tier - Just BE Your True Self

  • Everything in Rose Quartz plus:-
  • Exercises & meditations to help you BE your True Self
  • Find Your True Love - videos & exercises to help you find your perfect life partner
  • Meditations and channelled transmissions from Archangels and Star Beings to assist with healing and Ascension by Marcus and Karin
  • £8.50/month ($11.11)

Ruby Tier - Shine Your Light

  • Everything in Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli plus:-
  • A twice a month Embracing the Star Light video recording where we invite you to connect with Beings of Love and Light, receive Arcturian Healing, Crystal Meditations and messages from Archangels and Star Beings.
  • Messages, videos, meditations and Crystal Nets on how to fine tune and connect with 5D and your Higher Self.
  • £17/month ($20)

Sapphire Tier - 5D Crystal Journey Membership

  • Everything in Rose Quartz, Lapis and Ruby plus:-
  • 5D Crystal Journey: Monthly video connecting you on a profound level to the higher energies (5D and above) of a Crystal
  • Early access to Crystal meditations helping you to connect to Crystals on a higher dimensional level
  • Crystal Nets / Layouts / Grids to help you connect with Crystals on a more profound level
  • Resources to help you build your own Crystal portfolio / bible
  • £25.50/month ($30)

Diamond Tier - Align To Shine

  • 1-1 Metatron Healing Alignment & Guidance Session (1/2 hour per month)
  • Connecting to the Spheres (Planets) - monthly live group Zoom meeting of transmissions, exercises & practice
  • Everything in Rose Quartz, Lapis & Ruby (not Sapphire)
  • £37.50/month ($44)