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The hand of a woman with painted nails and new age rings gently holding a clear quartz point

What do different Crystals do? What are they used for?

​The best way to find out what a Crystal does for YOU is for you to pick it up / tune into its energy and feel how it affects you:

  1. Sit quietly and observe how you feel. Make a note of this.
  2. Pick up the Crystal and sit with it for a few minutes.
  3. Pay attention to any changes in your feelings and any impressions (sounds, visions, sensations, colours, messages, etc.)
  4. Make a note of this.

Doing the above is the truest and most empowering way of working with Crystals.

This is because you are an individual and may react very differently to the energy of a Crystal in comparison to anyone else.

It is tempting to pick up a book and check what the author has written about how a particular Crystal has affected them. However, you may end up giving your power away in favour of following your own senses and intuition. (Who says they are right? Because they recorded their findings and published them in a book?)

In addition, each Crystal is individual too, Fluorite can have several different colours and a green one can feel very different to one that is purple. It can also be found in different countries, e.g. USA and Germany and be mined and shaped in different ways. All these things will have an influence on the energy this Crystal carries.

Having said this, there are certain attributes that are usually carried by specific Crystals. For example Black Tourmaline is experienced as grounding and Clear Quartz as clearing and elevating.

Please know though that I have met the odd person who experienced Clear Quartz as grounding and Black Tourmaline as elevating (really!) and so we always need to ensure that what someone else tells us about what a Crystal does / is used for also resonates with us at our core.

So when I give you guidance about the energy a Crystal carries or the effect a combination of Crystals (Crystal Net / Pattern) will have make sure this feels good and true for you!

It is my intent to share with you tools for awakening and empowering you, not for you to give me your power by blindly following in my wake.