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Healing & Guidance Testimonials

5 Star Testimonial by Corrinne B. - Can thoroughly recommend! Brought amazing opportunities
5 Star Testimonial by Caroline W. - Healing with Marcus opened my heart further
5 Star Testimonial by C.W. Marcus helped me in my hour of need and sent such beautiful energy
5 star testimonial by Hamadidou - I have consulted this healer for severe ascension symptoms and I am 100% satisfied
5 star testimonial by Katie H. - I have been singing your praises to all of my friends telling them how amazing the treatment was
5 star testimonial by Lynda L. - I highly suggest you give Marcus your full attention. He is full of light, love and compassion
5 star testimonial by Paula Adams - from the very beginning I could feel my heart open
5 star testimonial by Simon F. - Marcus helped me through some dark times

Online Course Testimonials

5 Star Testimonial by T.M. - Karin's voice is beautiful, her instructions are easy to understand
5 Star Testimonial by W.D. - This course is exactly what I needed! Verbal instructions are clear

Book Testimonials



Bridget Renee Holliday

Are you a crystal enthusiast who loves working with crystals? Are you just beginning your journey of connecting with crystals? Do you resonate with the Lyran Galactic race? You are going to LOVE this book!


“Networking with Crystals, Crystal Net Meditations” is so impactful! Karin Bain has created a beautifully expansive book with easy to follow knowledge and instructions that will guide you on your journey. And Starseeds… You can feel the support of the Lyrans in this book! 

Karin offers a wealth of crystal knowledge to assist you to select and care for your crystals. She also guides you through using them to work with your chakras. The crystal net meditations are deeply impactful and expansive! Some of my favorites are: Calm Mind, Rose Quartz Respite, Upper Realms Gateway, Unconditional Self Love, Opening Your Channel, Experiencing Joy, Connecting To Akasha, Universal Love 1 & 2, and Metatron’s Cube.


I highly recommend “Networking with Crystals, Crystal Net Meditations”! Consider this your sign… Buy this book and start meditating with the crystal grid nets today!

Bridget Renee Holliday 

Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner

Awakening and Ascension Mentor

5 Star Testimonial by Joanne - This e-book is amazing with such a wealth of information and wisdom
5 Star Testimonial by Guinevere G. - This is a wonderful book full of helpful, healing, spiritual & beautiful crystal nets.

Online Store Testimonials

5 Star Testimonial by Emma M. - So beautiful gentle! Really, really lovely! I love this! Thank you!
5 Star Testimonial by Jolie W. - Quick delivery and the crystals were perfect. Thank you.
5 Star Testimonial by Hilary M. - Good quality crystal, arrived very quickly.
5 Star Testimonial by T.M. - This net lifted me out of a very sad place and I will certainly enjoy experiencing this magic in the future.

Membership Testimonials

5 Star Testimonial by C.W. - Feels like coming home with the fire on and a steaming hot mug of chocolate at the ready
5 Star Testimonial by M.A. - I am so thankful for this wonderful, peaceful, protective and enlightening experience.
5 Star Testimonial by T.M. - Friday Night Light is always an amazing experience.
5 Star Testimonial by S.W. - Healing, belonging to a like minded group of light, loving souls and crystal mediations
5 Star Testimonial by L.B. - I really enjoyed my healing and meditation session with Marcus and Karin Bain, just what I needed
5 Star Testimonial by T.M. - A lovely group healing meditation. Karin and Marcus are very in tune with messages that come through
5 Star Testimonial by W.C. - Love meditating with lovely light souls and receive healing. The two different styles of meditation work so well together.

Crystal Groups Testimonials

5 Star Testimonial by G.D. - Fascinating, informative, inspiring, fun, relaxing, meditative & uplifting in a supportive healing space
5 Star Testimonial by S.W. - Karin creates a safe, loving and creative environment for everyone to grow in.
5 Star Testimonial by C.M. - Karin is a beautiful person and her love and kindness lights up a room.