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How To's

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Ascension Guidance and Crystal How To's

On this page you can find links to articles, meditations and videos providing you with information on various topics. 

This information is free for you to explore and use. When we say free we mean free. No signup or email required!

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Learn more about Crystals

If you are new to Crystals or you would like to re-visit some of the basic skills involved when working with them you can find out more by clicking the button below.

What is Crystal Net?

A Crystal Net is formed when you place two or more Crystals in your energy field or in a room and ask for their energy to connect.

Have a look at the video, read the article (link below) or buy the e-book 'Networking with Crystals' for a more detailed explanation.

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Crystal Net Examples

Click on the button to find some free Crystal Net examples for you to try.

Watch The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening is what we are all going through now in these days. Of course because of all the distractions it is not easy for most to realise that this is happening. But Happening it is and to everyone whether they realise it or not.

More inspiring videos on our Youtube!

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Articles and News

Find instructions, directions, news and inspirations on our blog pages.

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