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5D Crystal Journey - Citrine

Go beyond the need for physical Crystals

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5D Crystal Journey - Citrine


Course curriculum

  • Introduction to Citrine
    • Welcome to Citrine!
    • Citrine Beauty
    • How to make the most of this module / course
  • Citrine
    • Citrine Attunement Sheet
    • Citrine Live Zoom Connection
    • Citrine Feedback + Q&A
    • Citrine Downloadable MP3 meditation
    • Citrine Exercise 1 - Activating Pure Joy With Citrine Meditation
    • Citrine Exercise 2 - Making A Task More Joyful
    • Citrine Exercise 3 - Invoke Light & Warmth Using Citrine
    • Citrine Exercise 4 - Expanding Joy All Around You
    • Citrine Video Meditation
    • Citrine Crystal Net(s)/Layout/Grid
    • Citrine Additional Resources & Inspirations
    • Citrine Completion

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