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A hand holding a beautiful large amethyst sphere in front of a stunning galactic background with planets, the sun and sparkly stars

5D Crystal Journey

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Next Live connection: 11th December 2023

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Connection

A hand holding a stunning large amethyst sphere in front of a beautiful galactic background with planets, the sun and sparkly stars

A unique course that connects you to Crystals on a deep and profound level.

Read the information below to help you decide if this is the right course for you.


This masterclass journey offers you the opportunity to connect with Crystals on a profound level. You can join the 5D Crystal Journey at any point as each of the Crystal connections offers a self-contained module.

Whether you are new to Crystals or you have worked with them for a while this course will guide you towards connecting with the higher dimensional aspects of the Crystal Kingdom.

What You Will Learn

You will:-

  • Learn to connect with the higher dimensional aspects of Crystals
  • Discover that you can work with Crystals without using their physical counterparts
  • Embark on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery
  • Become more confident at working with Crystal energies and
  • Realise your ability to attune to Crystals in a more subtle way

Who Is This Course For?

If you:-

  • Feel drawn to Crystals
  • Would like to connect with Crystals in a profound way
  • Are looking to expand your Crystal knowledge
  • Enjoy high vibrational energies
  • Are seeking to expand your perception of what is possible
  • Would like to become a deliberate creator

Then the 5D Crystal Journey is for you.


If you feel drawn to Crystals and would like to connect with them on a higher dimensional level then have a look at the Crystal Journey where you can join me in discovering a deeper, much more meaningful connection to the Crystal Kingdom.

Every month you will:-

  • Connect to a new Crystal
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Deepen your connection to the Crystal Kingdom
  • Find answers to questions
  • Add to your own personal Crystal portfolio / bible
  • Become more attuned to your own emotions
  • Deliberately raise your vibration with the help of Crystal energies


We will cover 15 Crystals in detail. Each Crystal comes with a meditation in order for you to connect with its energies at a higher dimensional level.

You will then learn to connect with each Crystal in a way that is unique to you. You will have the opportunity to put together your own Crystal reference guide that will be specific to you and the way you work, enabling you to interact with each of those 15 Crystals on a profound 5D and above level.

That way – if you are ready – you will no longer need the physical counterpart of these Crystals as you will simply be able to call upon and transmit their energies rather than needing to handle their physical counter parts.

This journey offers higher dimensional connection to the following Crystals:

(Please note - times & dates are subject to change)

Black Tourmaline - next date January 2024

Rose Quartz - next date February 2024

Clear Quartz - next date March 2024

Citrine - next date April 2024

Carnelian - next date May 2024

Amethyst - next date June 2024

Green Aventurine - next date July 2024

Fluorite - next date August 2024

Smoky Quartz - next date September 2024

Malachite - next date October 2024

Red Jasper - next date November 2024

Tiger’s Eye - next date December 2024

Sodalite - next date January 2025

Snow (White)Quartz - next date February 2025

Blue Lace Agate - Monday, 11th December 2023, 20:00 UK time

Time Requirements

  • About 1-2 hours a month
  • You may wish to invest more time to strengthen your connection - this is entirely up to you!

Other Requirements

  • An open mind
  • Love and appreciation for Crystals
  • Zoom / internet connection
  • No prior Crystal knowledge needed!
  • Exchange: £30 (approx. $37) per Crystal 

Note: Physical Crystals are NOT needed for this program but you are welcome to use them if you so wish.

Optional Requirements

Depending on where you are on your Crystal Journey you may prefer to work with the physical Crystals.

We offer them for you by clicking this link: Crystals for A Crystal Journey

What Do You Get?

  • One Live group Zoom connection per Crystal (one a month) - spaces for the live Zoom are limited! Please contact Karin if you would like to reserve one. Contact Karin.
  • A recording of the Zoom connection (in case you can’t make the live / would like to view it again)
  • MP3 downloads of the Crystal meditation (one with music, one without)
  • Weekly exercises to help you deepen your connection with each Crystal
  • Downloadable resources
  • Q&A section
  • Crystal layouts & inspirations
  • A Certificate of Completion for each Crystal Module

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked

I'm Not Sure / Would Like More Information

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We work from the heart and if I feel you would be better suited for a different training then I will suggest this.