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Are You Looking for more Vitality, Ease and Flow in Your Life?

We offer Healing Alignments, Online Crystal Courses, Meditations, Crystals, Spiritual Community and more!

Discover Vitality, Ease and Flow (Your True Self)


Connect to a sense of wellbeing and positivity through Healing and Meditation.


Stay positive and uplifted in any life situation by connecting with your Intuition.


Explore your talents and creativity through Groups and Events.


A spiritual family hub where you can feel safe, supported and understood.

How can The Bain Clan help you?

We help you to re-align to wellbeing and remain positive and uplifted through individual and community support.

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Offering Healing Alignment & Ascension Guidance

To assist you in finding your Vitality, Ease, True Potential & True Life Purpose

What people say about us

We are so grateful for your wonderful feedback!

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Fascinating, informative, inspiring, fun, relaxing, meditative & a supportive healing space.

G. Darden

Crystal Circle Group

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Although I have had many healings, I have never experienced such a heart opening, spiritually connecting healing.

P. Adams

Marcus' Healing & Guidance

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100% amazing gifts and products. I have 2 candle holders and numerous crystals from here. Swift service and communication. Thank you

B. Farrelly

Wendy's Crystalovex product review

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Online Crystal Courses

Connect with the amazing Crystal Kingdom and get your creativity flowing

Unconditional Love

Lies at the Heart of our Offerings

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Networking With Crystals

Learn to use Crystal Mediation to its full potential

Love Your Life

Begin your journey to a better life with Love, Light, Peace and Truth!

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Connect with like-minded & like-hearted people

Nurture yourself and others through connecting with like-minded people.

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Videos, Meditations and How To's

Free for you to learn and enjoy!

May those who need us find us!

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